created: 2001-11-10
modified: 2010-04-12

Free Software for download

I set up an RSS news feed to keep you informed about changes to my website. Not all of them will contain update information for my programmes.

Here is a small collection of programmes, I wrote to ease my days or just for fun. I didn't plan to publish each of them, and they might be quite weird, non-functional for your purpose or too complicated. But they work(ed) for me. So I don't want to hide them :) If any of these links is dead or you have comments regarding the programs, please report to Stefan Huber.

Unless stated otherwise, the programmes are freeware and you can use them as you like. Therefore, they come without any warranty. I can just hope, that they serve you as well as they did to me. I am not responsible for whatever you do with these scripts or what they do to you or your computer respecively.

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