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Welcome to the web presence of Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Huber. Beside my job, I have been studying medical computer sciences at the Vienna University of Technology, together with the MUW Austria.

I am currently employed with Dr.Wienzl Informationssysteme GmbH working on software for resident doctors. For further information about my work life see Software & Work.

Apart from being a computer scientist at work, I do some programming in my spare time. Some of what I produced in that time, can be found here. I hope, you'll find something useful here.

Note: Not all pages are written in English. Those which aren't are suffixed with language identifiers like [de].


My eMail address: stefan (at) huberdoc (dot) at. As I am using SpamAssassin as spam filter on my mail server and automatically delete messages that have too high spam probability, please do anything to avoid being trapped.

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