‚Bout Mathematics

This song could go very well with Creed’s With Arms wide open.

The song’s about mathematics. Since I am a student of computer science, I had to pass some maths examinations. And basically, we had two professors: Univ.Prof.Dr.phil. Gerd Baron and Univ.Prof.Dr.phil. Hans Kaiser. Sidenote: Baron and Kaiser (German for emperor) are both titles of nobility which one might suspect are a mirror of their lectures. 😉


Well, I just saw a formula
it seems my brain gets nausea.
I close my eyes, begin to pray,
I wish the thing would go away!

It's mathematics
read out by Baron:
Welcome to this place
you'll hear 'bout integrals
It's mathematics, it's mathematics

Well, I don't think, that I can see
the sense of all he wants from me.
To put it straight, I have no clue of this.
I'm looking blank, don't know nothing

'bout mathematics
read out by Kaiser:
Welcome to this place
You will get mad someday
with mathematics
if you don't understand!
I'll show you things
which are so trivial
it's mathematics.
That's mathematics.
I'll show you everything
'bout mathematics!

If I had just one wish, only one demand,
I hope he won't ask me
unless I understand.
Then he can't bother me
'cause I know everything
'bout all this braindead stuff
called mathematics.

This mathematics
is gonna drive me mad.
No matter if he says:
I'll show you everything
'bout mathematics
If you don't understand
I'll try again
and I will martyr you
with mathematics. With mathematics.

They'll show us everything, oh yeah,
'bout mathematics.
Don't like this!