Granny’s Kärntnernudel (something like dumplings)

Kärntnernudel 1Other names: Erdäpfelkrapfen, Kasnudeln, Kärnternudl. The closest English equivalent would be perogie or dumpling.

Grandmother’s Kärntnernudeln are unique representatives of the Carinthian cuisine. Probably everyone says that about his granny. And she gave me her recipe and a lesson how to make the Krapfen.

For everybody who doesn’t know, Kärntnernudeln are no pasta like Spaghetti but dough bags with potatoes.


…for 40 Kärntnernudel:

500g flour
A little bit of fine wholemeal flour (≈ 4 – 6 table spoons)
1 egg
1kg mealy potatoes (Bintje)
250g grainy curd
125g of sour cream
dried brown mince


  1. Cook and peel potatoes
  2. Mix finely chopped parsley, leek and mince with curd and sour cream. Add some salt
  3. Mix potatoes with the herb-cream mass
  4. Mix egg with water
  5. dough: ≈ 500g flour + wholemeal flour + a dash of salt + a shot of oil
  6. Mix egg and water with dough

The raw material for the Kärntnernudeln is now ready. Roll the dough into small circular pieces (5 – 7 cm)for each Krapfen (=Nudel) and put some of the potatoe mass into it.

Fold the dough over the filling. The bag should be thoroughly filled. Close it by eingrandeln. You have to know how to grandl. I’ll try to give instructions anyway (thanks to Julianna Wilson for suggesting the following instructions): Pinch the edges together to form a half-moon shape — a fork may be used to press the dough together and give the dumpling a decoration.

Note: Grandln with forks is not the way we do it. What we do is hold the half moon in the left hand (if you’re right handed) so that the folding looks toward you. Put your thumb and index finger under the folding. Use the index finger to push a part of the dough upwards and fold it back to the Krapfen’s body. Move your fingers sidewards and repeat this step until you reach the other side. You will produce ugly Krapfen at first, I’ll promise. But they’ll certainly become more beautiful over the time 🙂

As I forgot taking pictures when I last cooked Kärntnernudel, I used a piece of paper as “substitute dough” to illustrate grandln farther below.

Caution: The dough must not rip for otherwise the Krapfen will burst and taste watery.

Put Krapfen into boiling water and wait until they swim on the surface.

Kärntnernudeln are suitable for precooking and freezing for later consumption: Put frozen Nudeln into boiling water and wait until they surface again.

Melted butter or bacon cubes are tasty as decoration. Green salad is a wonderful side dish.