dRuler: Screen ruler, screenshots, window shots

Current version
v0.7, 2006-08-03
Download dRuler-0.7.zip (147KB).
This archive contains the executable and a licence file. Just launch it from any location.
dRuler is a screen ruler combined with zoom, colour picking, screen- and window shot capabilities. Measuring distances in pixels has never been so easy.
Operating systems
Windows (all flavours from Win95 upwards)
dRuler is freeware that comes without any warranty or support. Thus you use it entirely at your own risk. I hope, you find it useful.

dRuler was inspired by JRuler and Eyedropper.


  • Screen ruler:
    • Calibrating to your monitor enables you to measure in centimetres or inches. Use F2 to change the measurement system and F9 to recalibrate. When using F2 for the first time, dRuler will show you the calibration window. Make sure, you have a real ruler handy. The calibration will be saved in a simple druler.ini file.
    • Flipping the ruler is possible (F)
    • Resizing the Ruler(+ and -)
    • Measure distances: Just use R to remember the last position; dRuler will display the distance to this point (euclidean and city-block-distance)
    • Moving around with the keyboard: The cursor keys work with the modifier keys Alt or Ctrl. The Home (Pos1) and End keys and Page ↑ as well as Page ↓ are supported as well.
  • Integrated zoom element:
    • Eases positioning with four zoom factors (Z)
    • Can be undocked and float by itself.
    • Resizing the zoom element when it is undocked to view a larger portion of the screen (C or resize it with the mouse)
    • Using the zoom element without the ruler as plain looking glass (M)
  • Screenshots:
    • Using the Print-screen-key creates a temporary bitmap file and executes your default viewer (the programme that is associated with .bmp files): L. I recommend the free tool IrfanView
    • Possibility to hide dRuler when taking a screenshot that goes to your default application (H)
    • Include the cursor in your screenshots (I)
    • Possibility to make an image of one window only (window shot) W. The window shot is executed after 3 seconds, if you choose to include the mouse in the image. That way you can position the mouse cursor over another window element (a button, for instance).
      Unlike Alt+PrtScrn, you can select any window handle: buttons, panels, scrollboxes, …
    • Possibility to capture the current screen or all screens at once. This is only available, if you are running a multi screen (monitor) setup.
  • Colour information of screen pixels (RGB and Hex value): Ctrl+C copies hex value into clipboard
  • Toggle stay-on-top (S)
  • Keyboard usage: Every function has a keyboard shortut. Additionally, moving around with the ruler or the mouse cursor is possible with the cursor keys. Try try to use Alt and/or Ctrl in conjunction with the cursor keys.
  • No setup needed (no registry modification): Launch it from any location you like


v0.7 2006-08-03

  • Implemented calibration to real world measurements (centimetres, inches)
  • Fixed a possible crasher

v0.6 2006-07-29

  • Reimplemented window shot mode.
  • Implemented Home, End, PgUp, PgDn
  • Implemented multiple monitor support
  • Plugged a memory leak

v0.5 2003-11-03

  • Implemented window shot: Select a window handle and make a screenshot of it.

v0.4, 2003-05-05

  • Do not paint zoom element, when mouse cursor is within its boundaries
  • Always paint the zoom element, even if the mouse is not moved
  • Fix shortcut to unhide the ruler
  • UI rearranged (better legibility than before)
  • Fixed flipping (the zoom element could overwrite content)
  • Added basic functionality to include the mouse cursor when taking a screenshot (not 100% alright, but works)

v0.3, 2003-04-09

  • Added floating zoom item: (un)dock now possible
  • UI: removed buttons, added one menu button
  • Indication when dRuler does not have focus any more (inactive aption)
  • Added option to hide the ruler and use the zoom element as plain looking glass
  • Toggle stay-on-top functionality
  • resizing of undocked zoom element
  • Keyboard: Alt+cursor now moves the mouse cursor. Ctrl+Alt moves in steps of 10px.

v0.2, 2003-04-07

  • Added display of pixel colour under mouse cursor (hex value can be copied using Ctrl+C
  • implemented zoom from 1:1 to 4:1 (shortcut Z)
  • Changed behaviour of deleting temporary files: Try to delete all and don’t care for conflicts.

v0.1 has been silently released on the same day as v0.2 which has a few features more.