Kalkulatinger: calculator capable of formulas and multiple number systems

kalkulatingerCurrent version
v0.5 build 9, 2009-09-08
Download kalkulatinger-0.5.zip (198KB),
Kalkulatinger is a calculator — or rather an evaluator — for formulas. It can handle variables as well as different number systems, also mixed. It displays its results in decimal, binary, hex and octal simultaneously.
Before anyone asks: Kalkulatinger is a variant of the not so often used word Kalkulator, playfully hinting to my Carinthian language roots.
Operating systems/languages
Kalkulatinger is freeware that comes without any warranty or support. Thus you use it entirely at your own risk.

Usage and supported features

No installation is required. Just unzip the programme to any folder you like.

These are the supported operators, functions and constants:

The arithmetic operators you can use are the ones you know from school: +, -, *, /, ˆ, mod, div. Operator precedence and parentheses are respected.
pi, euler, planck, dirac, bolzmann, earthaccel (earth acceleration) lightspeed, grav (gravity constant), loschmidt and avogadro, theanswer (as tribute to Douglas Adams).
(Unary) functions
abs, arccos, arccosh, arcsin, arcsinh, arctan arctanh, ceil, cos, cosh, cotan, deg (radiants to degrees), exp, floor, frac, log (equals log10), log2, ld (equals log2) ln, rad (degrees to radiants), random, round, sin, sinh, sqrt, tan, tanh, trunc.

Kalkulatinger supports multiple formulas per line separated by semicola, thus you can have variable assignments:

a=5; b=11; a*b

You can also mix input number systems like adding a binary number to a decimal value: 14 + \b11 equals 14 decimal plus 11 binary which is 17 decimal.

Command line

Synopsis: kalkulatinger [-d|-b|-h|-o] [formula]

You can use one of the switches -d, -b, -h or -o to speficy the number system to work in: Decimal, Binary, Hex or Octal.


With Non-decimal number systems, I can only calculate with integer values. So a hex number of FF.F cannot be handled.