Current version 
v0.2 [de], 2005-05-13
Download (186KB).
NetSendGUI is a simple frontend for the net send command from Windows NT upwards. It uses this command to send winpopup messages to other computers. Currently, you can not send messages across workgroup or domain borders.
Operating systems
WinNT, Win2k, XP. Windows Vista and up do not have this service any more.
NetSendGUI is freeware that comes without any warranty or support. Thus you use it entirely at your own risk. I hope, you find it useful.

This archive contains the executable. Just launch it from any location. It will create a file called netsendgui.ini in your application data directory holding some settings. This one can be safely deleted.


  • Send Messages to one or more computers within your current workgroup/domain
  • Remember screen position
  • Does not reload the workgroup data every time (might save startup time)
  • No installation necessary; NetSendGUI only uses one .ini file (%APPDATA%\netsendgui.ini)
  • Command line invocation:
    netsendgui -h HOSTNAME -h HOSTNAME … Message text as usual
    sends the message to the hosts specified via the -h parameters.


v0.2 — [2005-05-13]
Implemented command line interface
Implemented manual adding/removing of PCs.
v0.1 original release