ReNice: Assign priorities to processes

Current version
v0.1, 2007-08-14
Download (161KB),
Freeware, source code (Delphi 5) included
renice is a command line tool to assign a new priority to a given process by name or by its process id.
Operating systems/languages
Renice is freeware that comes without any warranty or support. Thus you use it at your own risk. You may even use it in commercial products as long as you mention me as original author somewhere. If you make modifications to the source code, you must maintain the original copyright notice and publish it under the same licence. For the exact conditions, see LICENCE.txt that is contained in the download package.


No installation is required. Just unzip the programme to any folder you like.

renice process priority

You can specify a process by its name or by its process id. priority can be one of lowest, low, normal, high, highest.