Sigrotate: Signature rotator

Current version
v0.1 [en], 2004-11-25
Download sigrotate.exe (64KB).
Sigrotate is a simple signature rotator (command line application) for Windows that takes a signature file and copies one containing signature to a number of files.
Operating systems
Sigrotate is freeware that comes without any warranty or support. Thus you use it entirely at your own risk. I hope, you find it useful.

When you launch sigrotate.exe, it will read the next signature, copy it to the given files and exit again.

sigrotate will look for the signature file called sigs.txt in %USERPROFILE% first. If there is none, it will try the application’s path. There are some command line parameters that influence sigrotate’s behaviour.


Using the programme is simple. All you need is a signature file. This file needs to meet some criteria. I’ll simply show you an example signature file. You can put this file into the same directory as sigrotate.exe itself, or into your user profile directory.

nodash=C:\Program Files\Email\signature.txt;C:\Program Files\test.txt

This is signature number 1.
You may have more than one line.

This is signature numer 2.
Separate sigs with a blank line.

The first two lines are for sigrotate to remember which signature it should use next. 1 means, that it will take the first signature next. The 0 in the second line is not yet supported, and will never be.

The following two lines specify the files that sigrotate will copy the signature to (in fact, it will create/overwrite these files). The nodash= line names files where the sig is copied to unmodified. The dash= line names files, where the signature separator (dash dash space) is prepended.

I recommend that you put a shortcut to sigrotate into your autostart folder so that you always get a new signature when you boot your computer.

Command line parameters

All command line parameters are optional.

-s|--sigfile file
Specify a signature file. You may use environment variables such as %USERPROFILE% here.
Display a summary of command line parameters
-d|--delay ms
Tells sigrotate to wait for ms milliseconds after execution
Requires you to press Enter after the programme’s execution