Current version
v0.1, 2010-03-25
Download (274KB), Java main source and binary included.
freeware, open source
skypeMoodText is a command line utility to set the mood text and status. You can use it in your autostart folder to distinguish different Skype-installations. For instance “at home” and “work”.
Operating systems/languages
All running Java.

Why skypeMoodText?

I was looking for a simple solution to the following problem: I have one Skype installation at home and one at work. At work, there’s no microphone and no speaker. And I don’t want to be disturbed there. So I always set my mood to at work, no microphone and no speaker and the status to DND. At home, I don’t. So with Skype 4, they decided that it’s a bug that you can have Skype using two moods in tow different locations and they changed it. So when I come from work and turn on Skype at home, it still says that I was at work. I hated that. And that’s why there’s skypeMoodText 🙂


There’s no installer. Simply unzip the downloaded archive to any folder you like. All you need, is a Java Runtime installation.


Just launch java -jar skypeMoodText.jar from the command line with the desired options. You can use the batch file I shipped with it (for Windows, of course). Just create a shortcut to the shipped skypeMoodText.bat file in your autostart folder and add the desired options to its properties!

You’ll need some Java Runtime installed on your system. Chances are, you already have one. If not go to the official Java homepage and download your JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

Command line options
Usage: java -jar skypeMoodText.jar [-t secs] [-s status] [-k] [moodText]
The parameters are:

  • -t sec wait for ‘sec’ seconds before attempting to set mood/status
  • -s status set the status. Possible values are: AWAY, DND, INIVISIBLE, LOGGEDOUT, NA, OFFLINE, ONLINE, SKYPEME
  • -k keeps the current mood (only changes status)
  • moodText the new text to be set