Prophet’s Song

This is a part of the story from the Lord of the Rings. The song looks similar to Queen’s Prophet’s Song to those who know it. And interestingly enough, it fits the melody.

The song could have been performed by the Queen of the Elves, Galadriel.


Oh, Oh, People o'Middle Earth,
listen to the warning
The Wizard, he said:
Beware the Storm that gathers there
Don't dare look at Mordor.

I dreamed I saw on a tower stair
spreading his hands on the multitude there
summoning orcs for a bloody war
A fiery eye was watching from far.

So watch as fear takes The Gray man's gaze
Hope of the Earth are Hobbits brave.

I see no day, if Frodo fails,
so grey is the face of Gandalf the Wizard.

Oh, oh, people o'Middle Earth
listen to the warning
the prophet, he said.

For soon the veil of Sauron falls
he'll be after you land.

Oh, oh, people of the Earth
form a small but punchy

Go and fight the new Dark Lord
return with your life, though!

He told of Sauron as mad and foul
taking the weak and seducible soul
Late too late all the people run
the Kings of Gondor, now must return.

From Gollums love was The Ring estranged,
had kept it his own, his preciousss gain.

If Bilbo kept, what Sauron made
then death all around will be your dowry.

Oh, oh, people of The Shire
listen to the warning
as Gandalf said:
For those who hear and mark my words
I have got a good plan:


Oh, you and you
of Hobbits' zoo
you'll be running to destroy
running to destroy the very One Ring
Ohohhh, flee for your life
Who heed me not
let all the Nazgúl smell you.
Ooooh, fear for your life,
deceive you not
the Eye of him will take you
should The Ring seduce you.

Ahahhh, Frodo can you hear me? (Frodo can you hear me...)
And now I know, and know I know,
and now I know, and know I know
that you will bear it

And now I know, know I know,
now I know, know I know
now I know, know I know,
now I know, know I know,
now I know (now I know)
Sauron will shake, his tower break
Sauron will shake, his power break
Go destroy The Ring, The Ring, The Ring, The Ring
The Ring, The Ring, The Ring, The Ring...(the ring)
Frodo go, Frodo go, […]
Oh-uh, …
Listen to the wise, listen to wise,
listen to the wise, listen to wise,
listen to the Wise Man

la-la-la-la   Fro-do
              la-la-la-la  (7x)

              weis         (5x)

a-            throw
throw         a-
Ring                       (3x)

Ah, ahhahh, ahhhahhhhh, ahhhhahhhhh, ahhhhhhhh
Listen to the man
listen to the man
listen to the man
listen to the great man!

<guitar (or similar Elven instrument) />

God give him grace to purge this place
and Samwise his friend may come to his rescue.
Oh, oh, mind that Sméagul.
he might be important, let him live!
The vision fades, and Gandalf says
Go and fight the mad man!
But Frodo fears, still Frodo dares
encounter these nightmares.

I have the greatest respect for Queen for writing and singing and playing such an excellent song as the Prophet’s song actually is. They are a real source for inspiration.